Daniel Q & A,


Refer. Daniel 8:8-14 & 7:8

Who is the little horn - both in life and as a symbol?

When (yr) did the little horn take power?

What does the little horn represent?

What is to happen after 2300 days/years?
What year would that be?


What other biblical / prophetic events happen in that year?

Hint, they typically correlate with the number 7 or 70.


What do verses 9, 13, 14 & 22 of Daniel Chapter 7 & Daniel 9:24 have in common?


In Dan. 9:24-27, the prophecy re. Jesus’ 1st & 2nd comings are summarized (v.24); how is v.27 linked to v.24 for Jesus’ 2nd coming prophecy?


The Hebrew word for ‘confirm’ in Daniel 9:27 is in ref. to what “covenant” previously mentioned in v. 24?


How is Dan. 9:24 grammatically connected vs. 27.  See:  http://www.feastsofthelord.net/daniel70/id13.html


Dan. 9:25 is in ref. to 69 periods of 7 as prophecy from the time of Jesus 1st coming which

Then in v. 27 the last period of 1 seven is of God’s 70 7s promised to confirm His covenant with whom? (see verse 24a). ……  How is that relevant today?


What is the overall theme or lesson from Daniel Ch.8: 9-14, 11:31, 12:6-11 as well as Mark 13:14 & Matt.24:15?


How would you therefore interpret 2 Thess. 2:3-4?


Continuing on the main theme of Daniel Chapters 7-12, Matt. 24:15 and Mark 13:14 what correlation do these verses have with the Dome of the Rock mosque, in light of Dan. 11:31, 12:6-11 and especially 12:13?


What is the difference between the Greek words ‘naos’ and ‘hieron’ in regards to the temple?


How do these definitions & Matt. 24:15 affect the eschatological interpretation of 2 Thess. 2:3-4?

(Matt. 24:15’s definition of ‘standing’ meaning to cause, place or put, such as the foundations of a building.)


In summary, the ultimate abomination that causes desolation is when the apostasy of unbelief causes the sacrifices of praise and commitment to God to cease in the temple of the Holy Spirit, i.e. in the hearts of men.  It is the abominable practices of rejecting God that causes a desolation of spirit, bringing the inevitable result of God’s judgments upon the unrepentant.


What else have you gleamed from this study?


In one word, what is the ultimate Abomination that causes Desolation?


Hint - See 




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