DANIEL 9:24-27   Part  2




An in-depth study sequel on Daniel 9:24-27, 70 Weeks, Prophecy, and the 7 Jewish Biblical Festivals, aka the 7 Feasts of the Lord per Leviticus 23, including End of the Age Last Days Prophecy, Jesus' Parousia, a Pre Trib Rapture vs. Pre Wrath Rapture Hermeneutical Eschatological Analysis, and  Israel Festivals including Feast of Trumpets, Feast of AtonementJubilee, and the Millennial Kingdom.

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Parable of the fig tree  (Israel) …  "know the (Millennial) Kingdom of God is near …"  Mark 13:28-32

"Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, and bring them into their own land: And I will make them one nation…"  Ezek. 37:22


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The 7 Feasts are “Appointed Times with the Lord”  Lev. 23:1

These Jewish Feasts are God’s Calendar of Redeeming Grace:

The prophecies in the first 4 feasts were fulfilled at Jesus' 1st coming (Parousia);

The last 3 feasts will be fulfilled at His 2nd coming.


Prophecy of the 1st  AND  2nd Coming of Jesus:

The prophecy of Daniel 9 declares: Seventy  weeks  (70 periods of seven) are determined upon thy people

and upon Thy holy city (Jerusalem)

, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” 

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince  shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks (69 sevens): the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.” Daniel 9:24-25

(69 x 7s = 483 years or 173,880 “prophetic” calendar days; at 360 days / year)


Note the significance of Israel’s ability to restore the City of Jerusalem which happened in 445 B.C., when Nehemiah was ordered to do so by Artaxerxes (Neh. 2:1-8).  His order started the counting of the 69-7s period  [The city wall was rebuilt, not the temple, which had been under construction for 40 years, and was not completed for another 30 years; 486 BC – 416 B.C.  See books of Ezra & Nehemiah).  Precisely 483 years after Daniel's prophecy, Dan. 9:24-27, Jesus the Messiah came the 1st time;exactly as prophesied.


See Daniel Prophecy Verification Calculations”  which verifies the validity of this biblical prophecy of Jesus at His 1st coming after 69 seven-year periods as prophesied.   


Caveat:  Dates stated are not absolute predictions of prophecy fulfillment.  However, this analysis IS a compilation of Scriptures that deserve thoughtful CONSIDERATION so that we might prepare for a  Possible  “Season” of our Lord’s return, with RESPONSIBLE reactions of the Heart in service to God. This will help us to build a “Nehemiah type wall of Spiritual Protection”, preparing us to overcome the future trials / tribulation / temptations to deny Christ as Lord and GodALL Years Are Estimates.


Jesus 2nd coming:

Daniel 9:27 continues "AND  He (God) shall confirm the (His) covenant (of  70 periods of seven) - upon the people & the city - (Jerusalem) with many for one week (1 period of 7): and in the midst of the week He (God) shall cause (allow) the sacrifice and the sacrifices to cease (by His permissive will which allows the activities of the antiChrist), and for the overspreading of abominations he (antichrist) shall make it desolate, even until the consummation (End, i.e. End of the Age), and that determined (God’s wrath) shall be poured upon the desolate (the unrepentant at the opening of the 7th Seal.

“Jerusalem Shall Be Trodden Down, UNTIL the Times Of The Gentiles Be Fulfilled.”  Luke 21:24

Note:  2 of 4 Sacrificial Offerings Are Praise Offerings to God - Not for Sin:

Burnt Offerings:  Represents complete submission to God's will

          Ezek.  46:1-2, 12; also Lev. 1:3-5 (i.e. Jesus)

Peace Offering:  Expresses gratitude to God & has nothing to do with sin.

          Lev. 7:11-12, 15

Sin Offering:  Sin through ignorance of the law; an offense to God. 

          Lev. 4:2, 13

Trespass or Guilt Offering: Leviticus chapters 5 & 6

See "End Of The Age" and Eschatology Foundational Hermeneutics for greater detail

Daniel 9:27 states: "And He (God) shall confirm the (His) covenant  (of 70-7s) with many for one week (1 period of 7)".  Therefore the last 70th 7 year period is also subject to the prophecy concerning the ability to “restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince”,   for “Seventy  weeks  (70 periods of 7) are determined upon thy people AND the City of Jerusalem.”

Because Daniel 9:24 declares 70-7s are determined and upon Thy holy city (Jerusalem) until the completion of all prophecy; Jesus' Second Coming is also prophesied in the last and 70th seven (“Last Days”) of Dan. 9: 24-27.  Thus this 70th  7-year period is also subject to the ability to “rebuild and restore Jerusalem”. 

This event finally occurred in 1967; therefore the counting “until the coming on the Messiah the Prince” applies here, just as when the rebuilding was ordered by Artaxerxes in Nehemiah 2:1 !

Therefore, “Last Days” timing is partially based upon Israel’s ability to rebuild Jerusalem since it’s recapture in 1967 as per Dan. 9:25.

 “Jerusalem shall be trodden down, UNTIL the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” Luke 21:24



Dan. 9:27 also states:   "And He (God) shall confirm the (His) covenant  (of 70-7s) with many for one week (1 period of 7)":  and in the midst of the week He (God) shall cause (allow) the sacrifice & oblation to cease”. 

Re.: “He (God) shall cause (allow) the sacrifice & oblation to cease”: This is by His (God’s) Permissive Will: 

God allows the anti Christ to cause tribulation” (Peirasmos) upon the peoples of the earth; as exemplified in His (God’s) permissive Will during the first 5 seals of Rev. 6 & 7 describing events of false religions, wars, famine, pestilence and death by sword persecutions; which includes deceptions by satan and theabomination of desolation by the antichrist.  

This is contrasted by the events following the breaking of the 7th and last Seal, opening the scroll, revealing and releasing “God’s wrath” (Ebrah) upon the unrepentant.



Regarding Dan. 9:27:  “He shall confirm the covenant” (of 70 periods of 7).

Confirm is from the Hebrew word higbir” (Hiph'il form of the verb Gabar) meaning “to confirm (a covenant), to strengthen”. 


See:  Hebrew / Greek Interlinear Bible and Hebrew/Greek Lexicon

However, the New American Standard (NASB) incorrectly translateshigbir  to the English verb: to make(karat / poieo in Hebrew / Greek) rather; than to confirm or to strengthen. 

Thus the NASB infers there was NO pre-existing covenantto confirm” or to strengthen”. This incorrect translation by the NASB literally changes Scripture, to it’s detriment.  "To make" is NOT synonymous with "to confirm".

NASB translation “to make” is used to heretically infer the antichristmakes a “covenant with the people and the city of Jerusalem”, and consequently, causes major consequences in eschatology hermeneutics!

This is satan’s counterfeit at its best, distorting God’s prophecy of His Second Coming!  Unfortunately, Pre-Tribulation theology uses this translation in justifying the antichrist 'making' a covenant with Israel at the beginning of the 7-yeartribulation’ period. It is imperative that a correct translation ‘to confirm’ or ‘to strengthen’ a covenant be used to show the importance of God’s continued covenant of the full '70 periods of 7s’ with “the people and the CITY of JERUSALEM”.

Note the ‘confirmation’ or ‘strengthening’ of the entire covenant, which includes the “ability to rebuild Jerusalem”, and applies equally to both periods (69 7’s as well as the last 70th 7).  Therefore the ability to rebuild Jerusalem is a key “sign” related to both the 1st & 2nd prophecies related to Jesus' coming!

For greater detail see:  Web Site Eschatology Foundational Hermeneutics

Reference: “Spiritual  vs.  Physical Temple


Reference:  Ezekiel’s Temple 



The “Last Days” Timing could also be associated with other factors:

In 1948 Israel became one nation again as prophesied (Ezek. 37:16-22), but did not control Jerusalem until 1967.  Thus Israel had no ability to restore the City of Jerusalem as required in Dan.9:24-27, as a prerequisite to Jesus' coming a 2nd time.


The time between the 5th & 6th  Feasts i.e. the Feast of Trumpets & the Feast of Atonement is known as:

The 10 days “Days of Awe” / “Affliction” i.e. a time to repent between the Feast of Trumpets & the Feast of Atonement before Judgment, culminating at Jubilee; 1 day after Atonement, which starts at the 50th year; aka Jubilee / Millennial Kingdom.

See: “Trumpets to Atonement to Jubilee”The Last Trumpet




Israel’s holy year is the Jubilee Year.  The timing of Jubilee was to years (50) what the timing of Feast of Weeks (Shavuot / Pentecost) is to days (50).  The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot / Pentecost) occurs on the 50th  day; the day after seven weeks, plus 1 day after Passover.  The Jubilee Year occurs every 50th year; the year after seven Sabbatical years (49 years), Lev. 25:8-11.

Jubilee: 50th year; captives set free at end of the Feast of Atonement, Lev. 25:8-11

Jubilee is composed of 7 Sabbatical years of 7 years =  49 + 1 year of Jubilee = 50 years.  Jubilee starts at the end of 49th year after the Feast of Atonement  (Final Judgment)


Luke 21:32   Jesus said:  “….  This generation shall not pass away, until all be fulfilled.”

40 Year Generation  See Jesus on 'Last Days' Mark 13:28-32

      40 years = generation  see Psalm 95:10, Ezek. 29:11 & Num. 14:33-34

+ 10 years “Days of Awe”   (10 days Repentance; Feast of Trumpets to Atonement)

    Rev. 2: 8-11, Lev. 23:24-27  ("... I have appointed thee each day for a year." Ezek. 4:6)

Generation                   +    Repentance                 =   Jubilee:

(40 yr.; Mark 13:28-32)           (10 Days of Awe)             (50 yr.; Lev 25:9-11)

40 years  =  Generation  see:  Ps. 95:10,  Ezek. 29:11,  Num. 14:33-34,  Num. 32:13

On the 10 days of Awe between the Feast of Trumpets & the Feast of Atonement, see  Rev. 2: 8-11,  Lev. 23:24-27


40    +     10    =     50   (40 yr, Generation + 10 Years Days of Awe = Jubilee)  

7  x   7 + 1    =     50   (7 Sabbatical Years of 7 Years +1 = Jubilee)

7  x   7 + 1    =     50     Pentecost

   -    Pentecost:  7 Sabbaths of 7 days + 1 day following Passover  = 50 days

        i.e. A type of Jubilee

7  x   7 + 1    =     50;   7 Sabbatical Years of 7 Years + 1 = Jubilee

   -    Jubilee follows 7 Sabbatical years of 7-year periods

        49  +  1   Year  of  Jubilee   =   50 years

        Jubilee:  Captives set free on 50th year,  i.e. Millennial Kingdom

   -    Jubilee on 11th day of 7th biblical month

40   +    10    =     50;    40 yr, Generation + 10 Years Days of Awe = Jubilee

     -   Jesus arose and spent 40 of the 50 days with them after His Resurrection,

         leaving 10 days until the Holy Spirit was sent at Pentecost.

     -   Moses 40 days on Mt Sinai + 10 commandments  =  50 days

     -   40 years  =  Generation, see: Psalm 95:10, Ezek. 29:11, Num. 14:33-34

     -   Jews in wilderness 40 years for a generation to die, Num. 32:13 

     -   Jesus in wilderness 40 days

     -   Saul, David & Solomon all ruled 40 years

     -   Temple destroyed 40 years after Jesus started his ministry.

     -   10 years “Days of Awe” / Tribulation / Repentance; Trumpets to Atonement

      -  10 days Tribulation; see Rev. 2: 8-11,  Lev. 23:24-27 

     -   10 Plagues

     -   10 Wise  & 10 Foolish Virgins

          Prepared for Bride Groom;

          Christ coming to claim His church in “Latter Days

Note the feasts' relationship to God’s ordained numerical sequencing:

7 day  week ending on a Sabbath

7 months of 7 feasts ending on the ultimate Sabbath, the Feast of Tabernacles

7 years culminating in a Sabbatical year

7 Sabbatical years of  7 years culminating at the Year of Jubilee

7 weeks of  7 days to the Feast of Weeks / Shavuot / Pentecost

70 periods of  7 (Dan. 9:24-27) End of the Ageprophecy

7 year period at the End of the Age (Dan. 9:24-27’s: The  70th  7-year period)

70 years symbol of Completion;  

See Jer. 29:10-14; 30:3,7,11,24; 31:31-34, 38-40;  also Ezek. 38:18; 39:6,8,11-12, 14 (7 months), 21; Rev. 16:16-17 & 17:1

SUMMARY:  Therefore, the 7-year “End of the Age” period is in the 7th Sabbatical of 7 years.

During the last 7 years in the 10 years 'Days of Awe', starting on the

Feast of Trumpets in the 4th year, of the 10 years 'Days of Awe', with the “counting” starting in 1967 when Israel had the ability to “restore and rebuild Jerusalemand had been reborn in 1948 as “one nation in the latter days”.

End of  the Age:

1967 + 40 + 10 = 2017; 

40  year Generation + 10 Days (Feast of Trumpets to Feast of Atonement)

1967 + 50         = 2017;  1967 + 50 years to Year of Jubilee aka Millennial Kingdom

1948 + 70         = 2018      Completion

Note: From 1967

The END of 40 years is 2008

The end of 50 years is 2018 - completes 70 years

From 1948

The END of 70 years is 2019

The year between 2018 - 2019 represents Jubilee;

Aka Millennial Kingdom / Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Note:  Biblically, the first month starts in the month of Nissan (approximately April or May) in 2017.

                               PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD

June 7, 1967      Year 1

City of Jerusalem & Temple Mount Recaptured 

Ability to rebuild Jerusalem   see Dan. 9:24-27

The shofar (Ram’s   Horn) was blown again for the first time in 1,897 years. 

Plus prerequisite of Israel & Judah as 1 nation (1948) as prophesied.

Current Status

The Temple Mount  -  Dome of the Rock & al-Aksa Mosque

2007 / 2008

40 Years from recapture of Temple Mount & City of Jerusalem

60 Years from Restoration of Israel as a nation.

2007  -  2017  40th Year plus  10 Years left

10 Years of Repentance until Atonement.  

“Days of Awe / Affliction”

(10 days from Feast of Trumpets to Feast of Atonement)

Rev. 2: 8-11  &  Lev. 23:24-27

2010 –2017    43rd  to  50th Year;  7 Years left

Start of "Latter Days" / "End of the Age"

“End Of The Age” Period (years 43 – 50):

Start of  7th  Sabbatical Year of  7 years, culminating at Jubilee.

End of the 7 years "Last Days" at the  7th  Sabbatical Year of 7 years;   

49th  year from recapture of the Temple Mount & City of Jerusalem.

Ends at Feast of Atonement  aka “Judgment” (true believers)Separation of wheat & chaff.   Matt.  13: 24-30,  36-42 

Marriage Supper of bride and bridegroom.  Matt. 22: 2-3, 13-14

2017-2018  -  50th Year

aka:   Jubilee  /  Millennial Kingdom !   Lev. 25:8-11 & Rev. 20:4-5 

1st day following Feast of Atonement; 

50 Years from recapture of the Temple Mount & City of Jerusalem

Rewarded believers – Parable of Talents  Matt. 25: 14-30

Parable of sheep and goats separated.  Matt. 25: 31-46

Note:  Israel became a nation in 1948 + 70 yr. = 2018 – 10 yr. = 2008

Note biblical year spans 2017 & 2018.   Note: Jer. 29:10-14

Jubilee:    Lev 25:9-11

aka   The Acceptable Year of the Lord    Isaiah 61:1-4
aka   The Year of Liberty   
Ezek. 46:17

    -     Jubilee is 7 Sabbatical years of  7 years =

          49 + 1 year of Jubilee = 50 years

   -     Jubilee:  Captives set free on 50th year

The Jubilee year looks to the restoration of Israel by the Messiah, and to the resulting Messianic Kingdom of peace when ALL that belongs to God returns to Him; the original owner.  Rev. 25:8-11  (Ram's Horn - 1 long blast).  Year of Jubilee – Proclaim Liberty / Redemption.

Sabbatical Jubilee once every 7 years:  Debts/payments forgiven for 1 year (i.e. Jubilee / Millennial Kingdom), slaves freed, land returned to owner (God).  Lev. 25:8--13, 23

Conclusion of the 6th Feast:  Judgment completed on Yom Kippur / Feast of Atonement, starts Year of Jubilee is marked by a single long blast of the shofar (Trumpet -  Ram’s Horn).  It is symbolic of  “when the ram’s horn sounded long …”  which marked the conclusion of the Revelation of the Law to Moses at Sinai. (Ex. 19:13)

       ============================================================== Caveat: Dates stated are not absolute predictions of prophecy fulfillment. However, this Analysis IS a compilation of Scriptures that deserve thoughtful CONSIDERATION that we might prepare for a  Possible  “Season” of our Lord’s return, with RESPONSIBLE reactions of the Heart in service to God. Thus we can be building a “Nehemiah type wall of Spiritual Protection” in preparation to overcome the future trials / tribulation / temptations to deny Christ as Lord and God.  ALL Years Are Estimates.


"Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come. …  So the heathen shall fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the earth thy glory.  When the LORD shall build up Zion, He shall appear in his glory."  Ps. 102:113-116

The 7 Feasts of the Lord as outlined in Leviticus 23 outlines God’s redemptive plan for mankind: These 7 Feasts are prophecies related to God’s calendar of redeeming grace for all mankind, and is the foundation upon which ALL of Scripture is based.

Just as Jesus fulfilled the prophecies related to His first coming in the first 4 four feasts, Jesus is about to fulfill the 5th & 6th feasts of Trumpets and Atonement.  The 7th and last feast, called the Feast of Tabernacles, will be fulfilled at a later time after the Millennial Kingdom.  Note Rev. 21 & 22  “New Heavens & New Earth” follow the release of satan; who was bound during the Millennial Kingdom; Rev. 20.

                                              For further detail see "End of the Age".

“…Who hath ears to hear, let him hear..”   Matt. 13:9

"This generation (40 yr.) not pass away" ... Parable of the fig tree  (Israel) … "know the Kingdom of God is near …"  "…no man knows day or hour" (but can know the season)!    Mark  13:28-32

Also see Jesus' own statements on last days: Matthew 24 All, esp. 5-34 

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blows not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.  So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at My mouth, and warn them from Me.  When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.  Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul."   Ezek. 33:6-9

“… Thus says the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms …”   Ezek. 37: 21-22

“And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”  Luke 21:24

“But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  But can, and should know the season!"   Mark 13:32

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Cor. 13:12

Woe unto you that desire the Day of the LORD!  To what end is it for you? 

The Day of the LORD is darkness, and not light."  Amos 5:18


Ezek.  33:6-9,  37:All, esp. 16-28,  Daniel 9:24-27,  Nehemiah 2:1,  Luke 21:10-36  (esp. vs. 32 )

Lev. 23: All,    Is. 61:1-4,   Ezek. 46:17,   Lev. 25:8-13, 23,   Ex. 19:13 

Jer. 29:10-14   Mark 13:28-32    1 Cor. 13:12    Amos 5: 18    Rev. 2:10-11

Matthew 24:5-34    2 Peter 3:8;    Neh. 2:1, 5-8, 4:6, 17-18,  5:14,  6:15,  8:All, esp.1-6, 17-18   

Matt. 21: 9    Mark 13:32-34     Psalm 118: 25


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