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  Sedar:   (Meaning Order - of the prayers, songs & readings) Light Unto The World:
Video:  Christ In The Passover Menorah: Ex. 25:31-40
   "A light unto the nations".
Lighting of the candles - symbolic of the light of God's Word, to search out and expose the sin in our lives, that we might be pure.  Light not being a violent force, but lights our path ....
Ps. 119:105
 "Thy  word is a light unto my feet & guide unto my path."
Zach. 4:1-6  "Not by might, nor power, but by My spirit"
Rom. 11:16-24     (Wild Branch Grafted On - Holiness)
John 15:5-8
          (vine & branches)
John 1:1-10, 17    3:3-8
     (Jesus light of the world)
John 8:12
      (Jesus claim at Tabernacles as light of the world)

  Seder Meal - Abbreviated Outline:  
  1st cup wine:     Cup of Sanctification:
Ex. 6:6-8 
 (The 4 "I will" statements by God = 4 cup promises)
   Note:  4 cups origin at Ex. 6:6-6 ( 4  "I will's by God)
  Washing of Hands, Blessing & Breaking of Bread  
  Green Vegetables:  Parsley dipped in salt water  
  Middle Matzah:  Broken & Hidden - to be resurrected later  
  4 Questions  -  Story of the Exodus  
  2nd cup of wine:    Cup of Deliverance.  
Ps. 113-114 
 (Hallel Psalms)
  Washing of hands  
  Dipping of Matzah into bitter Herbs - Given to Judas Iscariot John 13:25-27    Matt. 26:21-25     (Judas betrayal)
  Bitter Herbs   (ie. Weeping, bitterness, mourning, death)  
  Dinner:  Paschal meal  
  Retrieving of the Afikomen:
Stripped, pierced & broken (died), wrapped, and hidden (buried), and brought back at the 3rd cup of wine (resurrected 3rd day).  Currently now represents the lamb due to destruction of the temple . The only Greek word used & a 2nd aorist form of the Greek verb
ikeomai meaning "I came".   
Refer.   Is. 52:13-15  &  all of  53   Ps. 22: All
  Blessing after the meal - New Covenant Matt. 26:26-30    (Body & blood for remission of sins rememberance)
  3rd  cup of Wine:  Cup of Redemption:
Ps. 115-117  (Hallel Psalms)   
Levitical choir sings & congregation repeats each verse

Hallelu Yah  (Praise Ye the Lord)  response at each verse  
Matt 26:26-28                       "
Luke 22:19-20                     " 
I Cor. 11:23-29                    "
(Body & blood for remission of sins rememberance)
  Note: Chief priest Hallel's grandson Gamaliel (Paul's teacher) counsel to the Sanhedrin -  Acts 5:34-42  
  4th cup of wine:   Cup of  Acceptance or Praise
Rejoice in Liberty & Celebrate Redemption
Read Ps. 118    
Note esp. vs.: 118:21-28
Matt 26:26-30      Luke 22:18
Jesus skips 4th cup at Last Supper; Cup of Consummation upon His return
  Benediction of Passover    Num. 6:24-26  (Aaronic Blessing) Matt 26:29    (Sang song - Psalm 118   esp.   vs. 21 - 28)
Feast # 2

(7 days)
Leaven  -  Hametz  meaning Sour by fermentation - rottenness
               -  Leaven represents sin  
Unleaven  -  "sweet, without sourness"  (life w/o sin)   i.e Holy
Unleavened is symbolic - to be without sin

Symbolic of a SINLESS CHRIST - A Sinless Offering
I Peter 1:18-21 (
Lamb of God without sin; Deut. 15:21 unblemished lamb)                      
4/4/2007 aka  HagHaMatzoh  
Pursuit Of
Lev. 23:5-8          Ex. 12:8, 15-18
 (15th day of 1st Month to the 21st day.)
Ex. 12:15-18, 39   13:6-7   
( Feast 14th - 21st day) 
John 6:31-35,  47-56    (Bread of Life)

  Ex 23:14-17    Feast
Ex. 34:18-23 

  Num. 28:15-21  Feast Matt. 16:6, 11      (beware leaven of Pharisees & Sadducees)
  Deut. 16:3          Feast John 6:47-58     (Jesus Bread of Life)
  Deut. 15:21 (unblemished lamb)                       Acts 2:38           (Be repentant / baptize for remission of sins)
                    I Cor. 5:6-8       (Passover - leaven ; sin)
    Gal. 5:9              (Little leaven spoils entire lump)
    James 1:14-15     (lust - temptation - sin - death)
  Copyright Statement:  These Files are Public Domain  


By Feasts of the Lord

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A Syllabus of both Old and New Testament Scriptures, on the Feast of Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread the first two of the 7 Israel Jewish Biblical Festivals, aka the 7 Feasts of the Lord per Lev. 23, providing prophetic evidence of fulfilled prophecy, and yet to be fulfiled prophecy including the typology of the 7 Feasts of the Lord, representing God’s Calendar of Redemption, including both the 1st and 2nd Parousia Coming of the Lord, with the latter during the Feast of Trumpets to the Feast of Atonement, culminating at Jubilee, aka Millennial Kingdom or Marrage Supper of the Lamb .


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