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tFeast # 3

Behold The Lamb

aka  Yom HaBikkurim;   (The Day of First Fruits)  
aka   Hag Hakatzir,  (The Spring Feast of Harvest)                   Lev. 23:7-11  and  Nu. 28:26 
(Barley etc.-  1st Fruits of 7 major crops - Tithes)
Levitical Choir: 
Ps. 150   &   Ps. 30

Matt. 28:  All      Mark 16: All       John 20: All esp. vs. 14-23                        I Cor. 15:20, 23     (Christ is 1st Fruits of God’s grace)
I Cor. 15:3-8  (sin offering),     14
    (faith vain if Christ not risen)
Luke 24:14-49 
(Jesus appears to disciples)  
  Lev. 23:10-11   Sunday 16th of Nissan;   1st day after the Sabbath (Sat.) following Passover (Fri.)

Acts 1:1-12   &  2:27, 31-32   (Resurrection) 

  Lev.  5:6-11, 17, 19    (Feast) John 7:39   (I AM Living water - Holy Spirit promised - en)
1st  of  crops
&  1st  born
Ex. 22:29          (First Fruits of harvest & sons to God)
Num. 6:1-2, 13, 14
  Ps. 16:9 -10     (My redemption - Jesus resurrection)  

Ps.  30: All      (Levitical choir all day at steps to Court of Priests) 

Ps. 150 All esp. vs. 3  (Praise)

Rev. 1:5   (Jesus begotten of the dead - washed our sins in His blood)
  Deut. 26:10-11   (first fruits offerings)  
  Dan 12:2          (dead resurrected to everlasting life or contempt)  
  Ascension  Verses:
See "East Gate" verses  under  Feast of Atonement.
Ascension  Verses:  Acts 1:9-12   ( Jesus ascension at Mount Olives / and shall return the same way)
  Counting of the Omar     aka  Sefirah Omar:  
  Lev. 23:15-16,   Ex. 16:4,15-18,33-35,    Num.11:7-9,    Josh.5:12,   Neh.9:20-21  (Omer) John. 6:31-35, 47-51    (Jesus bread of life)
  Omer means sheaf or measure  
  Omer = to 1 day's portion of manna during 40 years in wilderness  
  7 Crops:Barley, wheat, grapes, figs, pomegranaates, olives,dates  
  Seven Sabbaths plus one day following Passover - 50 Days to FEAST OF WEEKS / PENTECOST; aka Counting of the Omar  
  1 Omer of manna in ark of covenant  
  Note Jubilee is also 7 sabbatical years + 1 = 50 yr.  
Feast # 4
(7 days)

Third Month

aka   Shavuot 
aka   Hag Hashavuot  (Feast of Weeks)
aka   Hag Hakatzir 
         (The Feast of the
PENTECOST  (Meaning 50th.)
See Handout:  Holy Spirit Theology
(Greek Prepositions
para (with), en (in) & epi
Holy Spirit personal relationships:
The Holy Spirt is
(with), or along side you before you accept Jesus.
The Holy Spirt is
(in) you upon accepting Jesus (Born Again).
The Holy Spirt is
epi (upon or overflowing) from you as an emboldened witness, with Holy Spirit manifestations flowing to others.
Shavuot / Pentecost

Lev. 23:15-17   Deut. 16:10  1 day + 7 sabbaths (49 days) following the Sabbath after Passover = 50 days
(Note:  Jubilee also 49 years + 1 year of Jubilee. )
Ex. 23:16  1st Fruits Offering - Wheat etc./ Tithes
Law Death  vs.
Spirit Life

Ex. 19:1, 13-20   God Blows Trumpet before giving the Law.  Only other place where God blows trumpet is  I Thess. 4:14-17 at His 2nd coming to judge (at feast of Atonement) according to the law.  See Feast of Trumpets.

20:1-17  (Law received by Moses in 3rd Month)
Ex.  32:15-16, 26-28, 33   (
Moses - Law / 3,000 Die)    

Acts 2:1-4, 41        Holy Spirit - Spirit / Life 3,000 Saved
The First Large Harvest Of  Souls    (Note Feast using leaven !)
  Judges 6:34-40   (Holy Spirit on Gideon - fleeces God's will) Acts 1:3              (Ascended @ 40th day - 10 days before Pentecost)
    Matt. 3:11           (Baptism unto repentance - para) 
    John  3:3-6        (Born again of Spirit - para to en promised )
Handout:   John 14:16-17       (Holy Spirit / Comforter Promised - epi ) & 7:38 Living Water
Holy Spirit   John 20:19-22   (Easter Jesus breathed upon them Holy Spirit - en ) 
Gifts of Spirit   Acts 1:3, 8-12   (Jesus - 40th day, "wait for baptism of  Holy Spirit - epi )
     Vs   Acts 2:1-4,        (Baptized in Holy Spirit - epi );  John 14:16-17  Fulfilled
Cessationist   Acts 4:31-32  (Filled Holy Spirit -spoke word of God with boldness - epi )
Theology   Rom. 8:26-27  (Spirit makes intercession with groanings - epi )
    Rom.  8:1-16 (esp vs 11),  26       (law vs. Spirit quicken mortal bodies)
    Rom. 11:16-24                       (Olive tree graft - root be holy)

I Cor. 12:1-13, 28-31,   13:1,   14:1, 12-19, 22-23, 26-29, 33    (Spirit-epi)

    II Cor.  3:3, 6, 17       (Law kills - Spirit life)
    II Cor. 7:1                  (chose to perfect holiness in the fear of God)
    Gal. 3:3   5:16   5:22-25   6:8-9    (walk in Spirit perfecting fruit of Spirit)
    Eph. 4:1-6   5:9   6:17  (perfecting the fruit of the Spirit)
    James  2:26       (Faith without works is dead faith)
    I Peter 3:4 (meek & quiet spirit),  3:18 & 4:6 (quickened by Holy Spirit)
    I John 3:24     (keep commandments - God dwells)
    Rev.  1:7         ( He that has ears to hear Holy Spirit receives tree of life)


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A Syllabus of both Old and New Testament Scriptures, on the Feast of First Fruits aka Easter, and the Feast of Weeks aka Pentecost, from the 7 Israel Jewish Biblical Festivals, aka the 7 Feasts of the Lord per Lev. 23, providing prophetic evidence of fulfilled prophecy, and yet to be fulfiled prophecy, including the typologies of the 7 Feasts of the Lord, God’s Calendar of Redemption, including both the 1st and 2nd Parousia Coming of the Lord, with the latter during the Feast of Trumpets, to the Feast of Atonement, culminating at Jubilee, aka Millennial Kingdom or Marrage Supper of the Lamb.

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