Feasts Of The Lord – Overview

Quizzes  #6  And  #7


Star of Bethlehem & Jesus Birth Quiz  #6

Question 1:    How many weeks or months are completed by the end of the month of Kislev?

Choose at least one answer.

a. 7 months

b. 9 months

c. 38 weeks

d. 41 weeks


Question 2:    What Scripture most likely confirms Jesus' birth day?

Choose one answer.

a. Luke 1:30-37

b. Luke 2:12-14

c. Matthew 3:5-11

d. Revelation 12:1-5


Question 3:    If Jesus' was conceived in the 9th biblical month of the year, during what biblical month was He born?

Choose one answer.

a. Nissan

b. Sivan

c. Tishri

d. Kislev


Question 4:    Mary came to visit Elizabeth 6 months from the time of John's conception in the 3rd biblical month of the year.  During which biblical month was Jesus conceived?

Choose one answer.

a. Nissan

b. Sivan

c. Tishri

d. Kislev


Question 5:    In what year did Jesus die and was Resurrected?

Choose one answer.

a. 33 A.D.

b. 34 A.D.

c. 30 A.D.

d. 27 A.D.


Question 6:    John's conception occured in which week of the biblical year?

Choose one answer.

a. 5th week

b. 10th week

c. 20th week

d. 40th week


Question 7:    Which book in the Bible describes the symbol of the tribe of Judah as the lion with which the constellation of Leo is associated?

Choose one answer.

a. Genesis

b. Leviticus

c. Isaiah

d. Daniel


Question 8:    What 2 star constellations are associated with the proclamation (not prediction) of Jesus' birth?

Choose one answer.

a. Leo and Pisces

b. Virgo and Leo

c. Leo and Aquarius

d. Virgo and Orion


Question 9:    Which book of the Bible describes the timing of the angel's visit to Zacharias announcing John's conception by Elizabeth and Jesus' conception 6 months later?

Choose one answer.

a. Luke 1 & 2

b. John 1-3

c. Mark 2

d. Matthew 1-2


Question 10:  Which Scripture does NOT describe any event of Jesus' birth?

Choose one answer.

a. Luke 1

b. Revelation 12

c. Matthew 24

d. Luke 2


Question 11:  The celestial event describing Jesus' birth is discussed in what Scripture?

Choose one answer.

a. Luke 1:34

b. Matthew 3:5

c. Luke 2:16

d. Revelation 12:1-5


Question 12:  What was the date of the celestial event that described Jesus' birth which was recorded by John?

Choose one answer.

a. September 1, 03 B.C.

b. September 10, 03 B.C.

c. September 11, 03 B.C.

d. September 15, 03 B.C.


Question 13:  Which commandment is associated with the feasts and Sabbaths, which are called ‘holy convocations’?

Choose one answer.

a. 1st Commandment

b. 2nd Commandment

c. 3rd Commandment

d. 4th Commandment


Question 14:  What 3 "Appointed Times" with the Lord, aka the Feasts of the Lord, are typically observed in September?

Choose one answer.

a. Jubilee, Atonement & Hanukkah

b. Jubilee, Tabernacles & Hanukkah

c. Feasts of Trumpets, Atonement & Tabernacles

d. Passover, Pentecost & Purim


Question 15:  The magi were observing celestial events that seemed to proclaim the coming of the Messiah.  Which star, planet or constellation is NOT referenced with these celestial events, which are described in Revelation 12:1-5?

Choose one answer.

a. The Sun

b. Venus

c. Virgo

d. Jupiter


Question 16:  During what biblical month does the Feast of Tabernacles fall?

Choose one answer.

a. Nissan

b. Sivan

c. Tishri

d. Kislev


Question 17:  During what Gregorian calendar month is the biblical month of Tishri typically fall?

Choose one answer.

a. April

b. June

c. September

d. December


Question 18:  What feast initiates the biblical month of Tishri?

Choose one answer.

a. Pentecost

b. Trumpets

c. Passover

d. Atonement


Question 19:  Which event did NOT occur at Jesus' birth?

Choose one answer.

a. the Feast of Trumpets

b. a new moon

c. Venus in the constellation of Virgo

d. Venus in the constellation of Leo


Question 20:  Which of the following statements are correct?

Choose at least one answer.                     [Choose all that apply]

a. John was conceived in the 10th week of the biblical year in 04 B.C.

b. Mary met with Elizabeth on the 9th month of the biblical year of 04 B.C.

c. Jesus was born on the 7th biblical month of Tishri in 03 B.C.

d. Rev. 12:1-5 describes the celestial event which only occurred at Jesus' Birth in our September of 03 B.C.



Passover Quiz  #7

Question 1:    What 2 passageways align with the veil of the Holy of Holies and the entry doors of the temple?

Choose one answer.

a. The Gate of the Women & the Gate of the Gentiles

b. The Inner Sanctuary & the Gate called Beautiful

c. The gate called Beautiful and the East Gate

d. The gate called Beautiful and the Court of the Gentiles


Question 2:    The 4th commandment to keep the Sabbath holy is fulfilled by which of the following?

Choose one answer.

a. Going to church/synagogue

b. Setting apart a portion of the day to dwell upon the things of God.

c. Set apart just the morning and afternoon as a time to dwell on the things of God.

d. To set apart a 24-hour period from sundown to sundown to dwell upon the things of God only.


Question 3:    During the Last Supper / Seder, a piece of unleavened striped & pierced bread was broken by Jesus and handed to the apostles.  What is the name of this bread?

Choose one answer.

a. Matzoh / Afikomen

b. Gabar

c. Charoseth

d. Maror


Question 4:    The Hebrew word translated 'feasts' means which of the following?

Choose one answer.

a. That the feasts are to be celebrated forever

b. 'feast' means a banquet

c. 'feast' means appointed times

d. The Feasts are not observed today


Question 5:    What is the courtyard directly in front of the temple doors called?

Choose one answer.

a. Court of Sanctification

b. Court of Redemption

c. Court of the Women

d. Court of the Priests


Question 6:    The blood sacrifices were placed on the Bronze Altar in which area?

Choose one answer.

a. The Court of the Gentiles

b. The Court of the Women

c. The Court of the Priests

d. The Inner Sanctuary


Question 7:    Jesus offered 3 of the 4 cups of wine during the Seder or Last Supper.  What was the name of the 3rd cup of wine?

Choose one answer.

a. Cup of Sanctification

b. Cup of Deliverance

c. Cup of Redemption

d. Cup of Acceptance or Praise


Question 8:    Which Scripture accurately prophesied the timing of the Lord's First Coming?

Choose one answer.

a. Daniel 8:12

b. Daniel 12:1

c. Daniel 11:23

d. Daniel 9:24 & 25


Question 9:    Jesus stated, "'And of that day or hour knows no man" with regard to His Second Coming.  However, Jesus also rebuked certain people as hypocrites for not discerning the signs of the times of His Coming according to Scripture (Matt. 16:3).  Who were these people?

Choose one answer.

a. Sadducees

b. Judeans

c. Pharisees

d. The Galileans


Question 10:  Which book & chapter prophesied the return of Israel to the Promised Land, "..no longer as two nations but as one in the latter days"?

Choose one answer.

a. Ezekiel 37

b. Ezekiel 38

c. Ezekiel 39

d. Ezekiel 40


Question 11:  The day after Passover is called a High Sabbath due to its joint celebration with which feast?

Choose one answer.

a. The Feast of Unleavened Bread

b. The Feast of Pentecost

c. The Feast of Hanukkah

d. The Feast of Atonement


Question 12:  Daniel's prophecy that God would confirm His 70-periods-of-seven covenant for 1 period of seven is based upon which Hebrew word?

Choose one answer.

a. Karat

b. Poieo

c. Gabar

d. Hametz


Question 13:  The temple is made up of 2 sections, which are called what?

Choose one answer.

a. Court of the Priests & the Inner Sanctuary

b. The Inner Sanctuary and the Most Holy Sanctuary

c. The Holy Place & Holy of Holies

d. The Holy Place & the Holy Sanctuary


Question 14:  Jesus stated that Jerusalem would "..be trodden down until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled" in Luke 21:24. What other Scripture prophesied the recapture of Jerusalem that would occur in the Last Days?

Choose one answer.

a. Daniel 9:24, 27

b. Daniel 8:12

c. Daniel 11:24

d. Daniel 12:1


Question 15:  As Jesus sat on the Mt. of Olives the apostles asked Him, "What will be the sign of Your Coming & the end of the age?" Jesus' answer to this question is known as 'The Olivet Discourse', and can be found in what book and chapter?

Choose one answer.

a. Matthew 23

b. Matthew 24:5-31

c. John 3:15-18

d. Mark 15:5-6


Question 16:  The Feast of Passover is held on what biblical month and day?

Choose one answer.

a. Nisan 1

b. Nisan 10

c. Nisan 14

d. Nisan 21


Question 17:  God's redemptive plan for mankind is exemplified through the seven feasts of the Lord.  Which feast is a type of that redemption satisfied by Jesus at His First Coming?

Choose one answer.

a. Feast of Atonement

b. Feast of First Fruits aka Easter

c. Feast of Passover

d. Feast of Pentecost



Question 18:  The Feast of Passover commemorates both a deliverance from a physical bondage and a redemption from a spiritual bondage.  Which of the Feasts, satisfied by Jesus' 1st Coming, also has a dual purpose and meaning relating to both His 1st and 2nd Comings? 

[Hint: Year of Jubilee]                                 Choose one answer.

a. Feast of First Fruits - Easter

b. Feast of Passover

c. Feast of Pentecost

d. Feast of Trumpets


Question 19:  Which prophet made this statement regarding the Sabbath? "If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as you please on My holy day; if you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord's holy day honorable, and honor it by not going your own way or doing as you please, or speak idle words, then you will find joy in the Lord ..."

Choose one answer.

a. David in his Psalms

b. Jeremiah in Ecclesiastes

c. Isaiah

d. Ezekiel


Question 20:  What Psalms are sung during the Feast of Passover?

Choose one answer.

a. Psalms 113-118

b. Psalms 90 & 91

c. Psalms 145-150

d. Psalms 119 & 120