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Leviticus 23;  7 Feasts Of The Lord

Revelation 1 – 22

Tribulation  vs.  Wrath Hermeneutics

Daniel 7 - 12

Ezk.   37- 39

Mathew 24: 5-31: Jesus’ Olivet Discourse



Leviticus 23

7 Feasts Of The Lord:

The Hebrew word translated "Feasts” means ‘Solemn Appointed Times’, such as the fulfilled prophecies and typologies related to the first 4 “Appointed Times” with God at His Feasts:


Passover                   aka     Good Friday  /  Jesus Crucifixion

Unleavened Bread     aka      Pursuit of Holiness; Sinless

First Fruits                aka     Easter / Jesus Resurrection


Feast of Weeks          aka     Pentecost / Gift of Holy Spirit   

Fall Feasts:

Feast of Trumpet       aka     Tribulation / Repentance

Feast of Atonement    aka     Day of Judgment

Feast of Tabernacles  aka     The New Heavens New Earth

                                          New Jerusalem

All Scripture is built upon the foundation of God’s redemptive plan as outlined by the seven feasts. 

From the promise of Abraham to Isaac on Mount Moriah, in Gen. 22:8, that God Himself would provide a lamb (Jesus at Passover / Redemption).  

To Jesus’ Resurrection on the Feast of First Fruits, then the Holy Spirit sent on Feast of Weeks.

To Jesus second coming, Judgment & Kingdom as prophesied in Feasts of Trumpets & Atonement, to Rev. 22 where we dwell (Tabernacle) at the throne of God with the Lamb of God, in a temple made without hands, eternal in the heavens.

Feast of Trumpets the 5th “Appointed Time” with God:  
Initiates the 10-day / year period of time for repentance between the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Atonement, Judgment. This 10-day / year period is called the “Days of Awe” and includes the 7th Sabbatical Year of 7-years unto Jubilee called the 7-year “Tribulation Period” as part of this 10-year “End of the Age” period call for repentance before Judgment. 
Feast of Atonement / Judgment the 6th “Appointed Time” with God: 
Then culminates immediately on the next day with the “Year of Jubilee”, aka the “Millennial Kingdom, at which time everything is required to be returned to it’s original owner, i.e. God; Elohim.              
Feast of Tabernacles the 7th “Appointed Time” with God:
The Feasts and Sabbaths are called "Holy Convocations" in Scripture.  That is to say, they are intended to be times of meeting between God and man for "Holy Purposes".  Each Feast is also a Sabbath and reminds us of our call to a  "PURSUIT Of HOLINESS" (file link)  and a personal restoration with God.
To fully understand the Feasts, one must first understand the full meaning and implications of the Sabbath as a time of oneness with God. See: SABBATH  file link
The Feast of Tabernacles becomes the ultimate oneness of meeting with God to “tabernacle” / dwell with God for eternity, thus the absolute necessity to “pursue holiness”.


Revelation 1 – 22:

Revelation 1  -  5       Warnings to the Church

Revelation 6  -  7       Start Feast of Trumpets Tribulation to Wrath

Revelation 8 - 16       Start Feast of Trumpets Wrath to Feast of Atonement /

                                Judgment upon the Unrepentant.

Revelation 17 -19.5    Feast of Atonement /

                                Judgment upon the Unrepentant.

Revelation 19.5 -20    Jubilee / Millennial Kingdom

Revelation 20            Post Jubilee

Revelation 21 – 22     Feast of Tabernacles



Daniel 7 – 12


DANIEL  9:  24-27  PROPHECY  file link

LAST DAYS DATA   * file link

DANIEL 8-16 END OF AGE Prophecies To  2018  -   file link


Ezk.   37- 39







Peirasmos, Peirasmos,  Peirasai:  Tribulation / Trials / Temptations / to Test, to Try, to Tempt.

ThlupsisTribulation / Distress / Affliction / Persecution

Ebrah / Orges:   Wrath.  Wrath translated from Hebrew word “Ebrah” (Orges in Greek); Strong’s #5678 connotes the “overflowing fury of God”; and is only used in conjunction with "Day of the Lord" wrath after the 7 th seal is broken, and the scroll of God’s wrath is opened. “Tribulation” described in Matthew 24:5 – 29 is also concurrently described by John in Revelation chapter 6.  “Wrath” of God / Jesus, in Revelation Chapters 8 –16, is then poured out in Judgment upon the unrepentant.


Feast of Trumpets to Atonement

To the Year of Jubilee

Rev. 6 – 22  And

Jesus’ Olivet Discourse

On the “End of the “Age” and “Signs of His ‘Coming’

Mth. 24:3-4:  “And as He (Jesus) sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto Him privately, saying, tell us, when shall these things be, & what will be the  Signs  of  Your Coming (Parousia),  &  the end of the world / age?

Jesus answered and said to them …”:

Mth.24:5:  Jesus warns against deceptions of false Messiahs / Beliefs / Gods / Values.

Mth. 24:6   Wars

Mth. 24:7   Famine

Mth. 24:7   Pestilence & Earthquakes

Mth. 24:8   Jesus states that these things are the:

                 "Beginning of Sorrows" (KJV), or “Birth Pangs” (NIV)

                 Tribulation (Peirasmos; trials, testings, temptation tribulations)

                 Concurrently described by John as the first 4 “seals” in Rev.  6:1-8.

Mth. 24:9   Tribulation & Martyrs  (Thlupsis; Affliction, Persecution tribulations

                 of Christians). 

                 Concurrently described by John in Revelation  6:9-11 as the

                 5 th seal following the “Abomination or Desolation”.

Mth. 24:13  "He that endures to the end will be saved".

Mth. 24:15  When you see the Abomination of desolation

by the Antichrist …

“Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto himfor that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God ….  then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming  Parousiawhose coming  is after the working of Satan …”  2 Thes. 2:1,3,8,9

Mth. 24:21    "Then shall the Great Tribulation begin …"

Mth. 24: 22   except it (the Great Tribulation) be shortened

                    no flesh shall be saved,

                    but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened"

 Note: The "elect" are Christ's "chosen"; Gentile or Israel believers in the Messiah, Who returns to gather His “elect” before the "Day of the Lord" & His wrath during the 7th seal.

At this time, the “elect” are NOT Jews return to Israel, nor the faithful 144,000 of Israel protected by a seal of protection; from the wrath about to be unleashed Rev. 7:3-4. See also Rev. 9:4 (not hurt those sealed)

 Mth. 24:29    Immediately After the Tribulation (*Peirasmos” i.e. trials)

                    of those days, shall the sun be darkened and the moon give

                    no light,  and the stars fall from heaven.   

Concurrently described by John in Rev. 6:12-17 as the 6 th seal:

The 6th seal also signals the end of the “Great Tribulation”:  Immediately after the tribulation of those days then shall the sun be darkened and the moon give no light, and the stars fall from heaven.

The 6th seal was also prophesied to come "before" the "Day of the Lord" & His Wrath (* “Ebrah”) at the 7th seal. (“Ebrah”; the overflowing fury of God”)

See Links:  Joel 2:1, 10, 31, & 3: 14-15      Acts 2:20 (17-21) 

Isa. 13:6,9-10  24:21-23   Zec. 14:1-6,        II Peter 3:10-12       Amos 8:9

Mth.24:30-31   Then shall the Son of man come  (parousia)  …

                       “…with a great sound of a trumpet of God .”

                       &  gather  the  “elect” / "chosen" 

                       (Pre Wrath Rapture)

Jesus “Comes” (Parousia) only Once: 

AFTER “Tribulation” (seals 1 –6), and BEFORE “wrath” (7th seal) per Rev. 6 and Mth. 24:5-31.  The first 6 seals of “Tribulation” ‘caused’ by God’s permissive will was allowed by God; to encourage repentance prior to wrath and judgment.

Jesus then gathers Hiselect” / "chosen" prior to wrath; Mth. 24:30-31

(Pre-Wrath Rapture); as Jesus Himself clearly states.   


Jesus then breaks the 7th seal; thus opening the scroll releasing His “wrath” (Ebrah; not Peirasmos) upon the unrepentant, left after the rapture. Rev. 8 –16.

“Wrath”, described inside the scroll, is delivered AFTER the 7th seal has been broken by Jesus, then the 7 trumpets and 7 bowls of “God’s wrath” in Rev. 8 –16 continues until the Feast of Atonement aka. Judgment.

“For the great day of His wrath (Ebrah / Orges) is come;

and who shall be able to stand? Rev. 6:17

"Who delivers us from the wrath (Ebrah / Orges) to come…"  1 Thes. 1:10

"For God has not destined us for wrath (Ebrah / Orges) ….  "  1 Thes. 5:9

Jesus then continues to stay and deliver His Wrath; (7th seal), until Judgment has been delivered, and then to rule in His Millennial Kingdom 1,000 years in a "Year of Jubilee".  (No coming and going)

This period completes the “Feasts Of The Lord” Feasts of Trumpets proclaiming the time to repent, unto the “Feast of Atonement” / Judgment, followed by the “Year of Jubilee aka Millennial Kingdom”.

Rev. 20   After the “Year of Jubilee”; when Jesus reigns 1,000 years with the saints, and where Satan is bound 1,000 years.  Martyrs resurrected to reign with Jesus 1,000 years (1st resurrection).

After 1,000 years Satan released for THE 3RD AGE and a 2nd Gog & Magog battle. The 2nd Resurrection and Judgment  of the wicked (Rev. 20:6 & 14) at the Great White Throne Judgment.  Book of Life opened; and the Faithful are rewarded according to their works.


Rev. 21   New Jerusalem prepared as a bride, God Tabernacles (dwells) with men. No temple, for Lord God Almighty & the Lamb are the temple and the light. 

Rev. 22   Water of life flowing out from the throne of God. Throne of God and the Lamb Tabernacle / dwell, and reign forever.






05/ 1948  Israel  A Nation   + 70 Years To Completion  =            2019


                    JERUSALEM Recaptured   +  50 Years to Jubilee

6/ 1967  +  40 Yr Generation + 10Yr  =  50 Years to Jubilee  = 10/ 2018

                     /  --------------------------------- 10 Years -----------------------  \

              10/ 2008  ==============================  10/ 2018

Feasts of Trumpets to Atonement  -  Repent before Judgment

                 10/ 2008  -------------------------------------  \ --  3 Yr. -----  2018

                               7  Years   “Days Of NOAH”      \            Wrath


                              10/ 2011 =========================10/ 2018 

                               7th Sabbatical Year of 7 Years “ Tribulation Period”

                                /  ----------------------------------------------------------  \

                               2011 ======2015.3=======2015.8========  2018

                                               Passover                 Feast Atonement

                                             April / May              Sept. / Oct.

                    Year 1 ======= 3.5 years ======= 4.0 years == Year 7

                                            Abomination            6TH Seal Rev. 6

                                                       Of                       Rapture

                                          Desolation                Mth. 24:29-31

                                            /----- Great Tribulation---\ --- WRATH --- \


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